The youth unemployment rate on the Central Coast has sky rocketed to 17.3 percent leaving many young people wondering whether they have a long term future in the region.

The sky high youth unemployment rate is a 6 percentage point jump since the election of the Abbott – Turnbull Government and comes as both Federal and State Liberals Governments slash spending on vocational and tertiary education.

The latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reveals the extent of economic decline on the Central Coast since 2013. Overall, unemployment has reached 6.4 percent, which puts it back to where it was 7 years ago, while the number of local resident workers has nearly halved over the same time. The result is that an increasing number of Central Coast residents are having to travel to Sydney for employment opportunities or survive on part time jobs.

Labor Candidate for Robertson Anne Charlton believes that the Abbott – Turnbull Government has turned its back on local jobs for young people and as a result has turned its back on the future of the Central Coast.

“If we are serious about having a viable, vibrant local community then we must keep our young people here by ensuring they have real jobs”, said Ms Charlton.

“If young people can’t find work on the Coast then they will simply go elsewhere and we will all lose out. The future of the Central Coast depends upon good jobs for our young people.”

“We need a real plan for jobs and support for vocational and tertiary education that gets our young people job ready. Unfortunately, we have a Liberal Government that is mismanaging the economy and denying our young people a future on the Coast.”

The record youth unemployment rate of 17.3 percent for the Central Coast is well above the state average. Across New South Wales the average youth unemployment rate is 12 percent.

The latest data follows earlier reports of weak wages growth and a decline in the number of businesses based on the Central Coast.

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