The Turnbull Government will hand down its budget in May and the early signs are that there will be tax cuts and handouts for big business while schools, hospital and roads on the Central Coast remain underfunded.

Now is the time to make your voice heard about what you feel the Budget needs to deliver for the Central Coast. Share your views and help build a local campaign to stop cuts to local services and bring jobs back to the region.

  1. Alex says:

    Stop 457*visas go back to free education and health care for all Australians and tax the rich properly

  2. Marguerite Hanshaw says:

    Dear Anne

    I work for a RTO at Tuggerah. My job is to sell training programs, traineeships, full tertiary qualifications and Community service obligations to people across the Central Coast.

    I have only been in my job for 3 months and absolutely love it! I love the excitement I love the challenge and I love the rewards.
    I go out into the community to meet with stakeholders and sell our amazing programs and training solutions for their clients to attend.

    Everything is going fine until the time comes for the course to start!

    We usually have about half of all clients not turn up for the course and usually find that the drop out rate is also about half once the course starts.

    What I’m finding in my travels as I meet and speak with people is that the organisations clients have no enthusiasm to signup and complete a training course because there is no work for them to go into at the end of it! Also if they have no car of their own then getting around the coast for work is extremely difficult to say the least.

    The geographical location of the Central Coast, while extremely beautiful is very poor on public transport.

    I live in Davistown and work at Tuggerah Business Park. A normal travel time to and from work for me in my own car is around 45 to 50 minutes each way!
    I travel through cow paddocks, horse farms and chicken factory’s and along dirt tracks with one lane for traffic each way!
    And this in a city of over 325,000 thousand people yet its like some old ‘hick’ town!

    I’m one on the lucky ones because I actually have public transport where I live. But a lot of the Central Coast is lacking greatly in services for people to ferry them about the coast in order for them to do their business.

    I’m writing to you because the government has changed the rules and wants everybody to be skilled up and trained ready for work. But there is no work and the dire lack of public transportation means getting to and from work virtually impossible.

    I urgently implore you to address this crisis!

    We have youth unemployment the highest in the state at almost 9%.

    We have the highest record of homelessness being single separated or divorced woman with little to no hope out there for them.
    No home, no car and no job!

    What hope are you providing for the people of the Central Coast?

    I remember a long time ago the government selling off the Central Coast to anyone and everyone who would listen at the time to move out of Sydney because it was so congested and to go north to the Central Coast.
    Well that’s happened in the thousands and the beautiful coast I was born on has been left behind and forgotten.

    We need urgent and decisive action to address this issue.

    I am free to meet with you to discuss this further at a time that’s convenient for you and hope that you will take up my offer to meet so that together we can start to do something to address this crisis that faces the people of the Central Coast

  3. Peta Carpenter says:

    I think we need an inquest into the aged care industry, more accountability for their actions I’m a former aged care worker having left the industry many years ago now I’m still horrified to hear to the standards of care and the exorbitant fees families are forced to pay for basic care and yes I’m a Labour voter but this is a fault on all sides of politics our aged and frail are a forgotten group

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