Labor Candidate for Robertson, Anne Charlton has called on the Turnbull Government to support jobs and stop the cuts to apprenticeships in the upcoming May Budget.

Ms Charlton said “I am urging Mr Turnbull and our local Member Lucy Wicks to recognise the unemployment crisis we currently face on the Central Coast and act to address these issues through the Federal Budget in May.

“Since the Liberals’ election in 2013, Central Coast unemployment has skyrocketed to 6.5 per cent, while youth unemployment has doubled to 18.6 per cent and local apprenticeships have dropped by 37 per cent.

“I am challenging Ms Wicks and Mr Turnbull to stop the $65 billion tax handout to the top end of town and invest in jobs here on the Central Coast”.

Recently, the Central Coast has experienced a string of negative economic outcomes including 162 local businesses closing shop since 2011.

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