The need for urgent repair of Peninsula roads is again in the spotlight after a Woy Woy pensioner suffered concussion and other serious injuries following a fall on uneven road surfaces late last year.

Ms Shirley Harrison suffered her injuries after a fall late in 2017 outside the Woy Woy South Public School. She was assisted by passers-by who regarded the injuries as so severe that an ambulance was called to take her to hospital. The extent of the injuries required Ms Harrison to remain in hospital overnight.

The incident has been described by Labor Candidate for Robertson Anne Charlton as just another example that roads on the Peninsula are in need of urgent repair and governments at all levels need to act now to minimise the risk of further injury to motorists and pedestrians.

Woy Woy pensioner Shirley Harrison discusses her injuries with Anne Charlton, Labor Candidate for Robertson.

Ms Harrison has since spoken of the impact of the incident on her independence.

“I spent weeks recovering from my injuries including cuts to my knees and I suffered horrible scarring to my face”, said Ms Harrison.

“The incident has broken my confidence and threatened my independence. I am now afraid to leave my home without accompaniment because our roads are a serious safety risk.”

Ms Harrison later contacted Council about the incident and her concerns about the maintenance and safety of local roads in general.

Labor Candidate for Robertson, Anne Charlton decried the state of the roads on the Peninsula and warned that Ms Harrison’s story isn’t unique.

“The condition of some of roads on the Peninsula makes it incredibly difficult for residents to walk safely down their own streets”, said Ms Charlton.

“There has been a serious failure of all tiers of government to fix roads across the Peninsula and ensure residents feel safe when travelling around our community.”

“I wrote to the Mayor Jane Smith about Ms Harrison’s incident and directed the Mayor’s attention to the poor state of local roads,” said Ms Charlton.

Labor has called on Local Member, Lucy Wicks, the NSW Liberal State Government and Central Coast Council to urgently allocate more funding to the poor state of the roads on the Peninsula.

  1. Kath Bell says:

    The state of the roads, and lack of decent footpaths around the peninsula has been of major concern for many years. There has been some improvement in recent times, but not nearly enough to keep up with the needs of the number of pedestrians and drivers. This is now an outer city suburb, action needs to be taken sooner rather than later. All levels of both parties must ensure the needs of our area are addressed, and there are definitely many other needs that require attention as well.

  2. Deborah Warren says:

    I have noticed a lot of people with walkers and scooters walking or riding on the edge of the roads because there are no footpaths or even surfaces to be on. Very dangerous when cars go past them. Around the peninsula.

  3. Gavin Smith says:

    We complained about the lack of draiage in front of our neighbors and our house. We received notification that the road would be sealed and drainage fixed. We went from tared road in need of repair to a mix of rocks and bitumen. No drains no footpaths even though we have a school at the end of the road. Our frontage is now deeper after it was graded . The water can not reach a drain two houses away. Now at my last count 7 houses now have water that cant go anywhere . Have sent Coresponce to David Mehan . And we in the street would like your help if possible. Photos can be supplied to show the substandard cheap fix. Regards.

  4. Christine Moore says:

    1989 Melville St Kincumber residents want road traffic slowed chicanes 1992 council blocked road 2018 resident complaint propose make nth side change street name chaos for 33 Houses say ‘NO street rename’council has March 21 deadline for reply- William Melvin (Melville) pioneer sawyer/boat builder married Margaret Scaysbrook Will council erase history from Kincumber

  5. Lets hope it happens in my life time. The roads are a disgrace and they are long over due for some $$and attention. The amount of rates collected over the years has definitely not been spent down on the Peninsula

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