Youth unemployment over 17 percent as number of local resident workers halves in 7 years.

The Central Coast has one of the highest unemployment rates in the state at 6.4 percent with more than 10,000 local residents out of work. Furthermore, the number of people in work on the Coast is barely half that of 7 years ago.

The latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reveals that the labour market on the Central Coast has gone backwards over the last 7 years forcing thousands of residents to either travel to Sydney in search of work or simply give up and try to survive on part time jobs.

The ABS reports there are now just over 180,000 local resident workers on the Coast compared to over 302,000 in 2010. The data reveals that the unemployment rate on the Central Coast has jumped over 1 percent over the last 9 months as the Federal and State Governments fail to prioritise jobs growth on the Coast.

The outlook is even worse for younger people with the youth unemployment rate for the Central Coast sky rocketing to 17.3 percent. This is a rise of over 6 percentage points since the election of the Abbott – Turnbull Government in 2013.

The weak employment outlook follows the earlier release of data that showed weak wages growth and a decline in the number of businesses based on the Central Coast. Labor Candidate for Robertson Anne Charlton believes the jump in unemployment shows the Turnbull Government has gone missing in action on jobs and wages growth as it fights internal battles for control.

“While Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott are engaged in their political war the Central Coast is going backwards with a 40 percent drop in the number of local resident workers”, said Ms Charlton.

“Of real concern is a sky high youth unemployment rate that makes it harder for young people to see a future for themselves on the Coast.”

“We need a dedicated jobs program backed by investment in vocational and tertiary education. Instead we have a Government focused on themselves and a local Liberal Member who refuses to engage because she believes training is a ‘state’ issue.”

The Central Coast unemployment rate of 6.4 percent ranks as one of the worst in the state with only Coffs Harbour, the Southern Highlands and Murray recording a worst result.