The Central Coast is the largest region in Australia without a dedicated palliative care facility and there are no signs the Liberal Federal and State Government’s are planning on meeting the needs of the local community any time soon.

The failure of the Federal and State Government’s to address the health needs of the Central Coast has led to a series of new campaigns in order to force the governments’ into action.

Local advocate Anne Charlton has campaigned over a numbers years for a dedicated palliative care facility for the Central Coast. Ms Charlton was recently endorsed as the Labor Candidate for Robertson in the forthcoming federal election.

More recently cancer support advocate Roslyn English has begun a campaign to improve palliative care services across the state with the help of the Cancer Council NSW. Ms English has specifically identified the Central Coast as one region that urgently needs a dedicated facility.

The campaigns are also calling on the State Government to provide additional doctors and nurses to meet the needs of palliative care patients.

Ms Charlton believes the Central Coast needs action now and has continued her call for a dedicated facility in the local region.

“When patients are in need of palliative care the last thing they should be worried about is having to travel long distance to find that care”, said Ms Charlton.

“The Central Coast needs a dedicated palliative care facility to provide patients with the care they need and relieve the pressure on their loved ones. This requires a compassionate response from government.”

“Unfortunately, it seems the Liberals are too busy fighting amongst themselves and have no time to fight for our local community.”