‘Stop your cuts to pensions’ is the message Malcolm Turnbull and Lucy Wicks are receiving in the weeks leading up to the 2018 Federal Budget.

Cuts to pensioner assistance for power bills, changes to the asset test and lifting the pension age to 70 are all on the table for Mr Turnbull’s next Federal Budget, causing many Central Coast seniors to demand a change in priorities.

At the last Federal Budget, Mr Turnbull announced that his government would axe the pensioner’s energy supplement – a payment of $550 per couple, per year or $365 for a single pensioner. These payments currently support pensioners with the increasing cost of electricity and gas.

Anne Charlton, Labor’s Candidate for Robertson has challenged Mr Turnbull to put pensioners at the top of his priority list.

“Budgets are always about choices.  Turnbull chose to axe payments for pensioners’ energy bills, he chose to disqualify hundreds of thousands of Australians from the age pension, he supported the end to the pensioners’ concession card and now he wants to raise the pension age to 70.

Mr Turnbull and Lucy Wicks need to end their savage cuts to our pensioners. Our senior Australians deserve our support not another budget of cuts to their welfare.

  1. Diane Wood says:

    It’s time people woke up to the fact that unless they are wealthy, the Turnbull/Wicks government is hell bent on eroding their standard of living. Pensioners will continue to suffer under this government, as will the working and middle classes. Meanwhile the wealthy, big business and the banks will be cossetted and rewarded hand over fist.

    Let’s work together to oust this right wing, anti-union, anti-welfare big business loving party and instill a government who might concentrate on improving life for those struggling just to survive.

  2. Jennifer Dalton-Thom says:

    I am a small “L” Liberal voter & a pensioner & was pleased when Malcolm Turnbull won preselection, however if these planned changes to pensioner entitlements go through, maybe it’s time to rethink my voting options.

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