Voters in Robertson are calling on Malcolm Turnbull to end the unfair tax on women hygiene products.

Australian women spend around $300 million on sanitary products – tampons and pads – each year.

Currently, every single one of these products is hit with the 10 per cent GST – around $30 million a year in tax – because they are not considered necessities. At the same time, products such as incontinence pads, sunscreen and nicotine patches – even Viagra – are exempt from the tax.

Labor’s Candidate for Robertson, Anne Charlton announced Labor’s intention to end the tax and has challenged Mr Turnbull to do the same.

“It’s time for Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals to end this unfair tax on women” said Ms Charlton.

“The tax shouldn’t have been applied in the first place – there is no question that sanitary products aren’t a luxury item. They are necessary for reproductive health and hygiene”.

The May Budget will be delivered on Tuesday 8th of May.

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