Government fails to act on Peninsula GP shortage

Spends promised money on committee meetings instead of doctors The Turnbull Government has failed to deliver additional funds promised to fix the GP shortage on the Peninsula and has instead spent the money on committee meetings. In 2017 the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and local Liberal MP Lucy Wicks announced a Peninsula GP Committee would be established with $100,000 in …

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“Abolish the Tampon Tax” voters challenge Turnbull

Voters in Robertson are calling on Malcolm Turnbull to end the unfair tax on women hygiene products. Australian women spend around $300 million on sanitary products – tampons and pads – each year. Currently, every single one of these products is hit with the 10 per cent GST – around $30 million a year in tax – because they are …

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What does the Central Coast need from the Budget?

The Turnbull Government will hand down its budget in May and the early signs are that there will be tax cuts and handouts for big business while schools, hospital and roads on the Central Coast remain underfunded. Now is the time to make your voice heard about what you feel the Budget needs to deliver for the Central Coast. Share …

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Turnbull should dump his $65 billion tax cut to big business

Malcolm Turnbull needs to dump his $65 billion tax cut to big business and reverse the cuts to Medicare and local hospitals says Labor’s Candidate for Robertson, Anne Charlton. “Families on the Central Coast deserve access to the services and infrastructure they need and have every right to hold this government accountable. “Mr Turnbull is handing out billions of tax …

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Budget 2018: Pensioners face the axe

‘Stop your cuts to pensions’ is the message Malcolm Turnbull and Lucy Wicks are receiving in the weeks leading up to the 2018 Federal Budget. Cuts to pensioner assistance for power bills, changes to the asset test and lifting the pension age to 70 are all on the table for Mr Turnbull’s next Federal Budget, causing many Central Coast seniors …

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Stop overdevelopment in Copacabana

Stop overdevelopment in Copacabana – sign the petition Central Coast Council has recently announced it’s intention to change the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) for the Central Coast. This could change the nature of the Copacabana neighbourhood. Changes to the LEP could mean Copacabana would be open to hostels, motels, boarding houses and buildings as high as 24 metres. Copacabana is [...] Continue reading

Stop the Wallarah 2 Coal Mine

Stop the Wallarah 2 Coal Mine – sign the petition The NSW Liberal Government’s green-lighting of the Wallarah 2 Coal Mine presents a serious threat to our vital local resources.The mine threatens to dump 300 megalitres, or 120 Olympic sized swimming pools, of mine waste into the Central Coast water supply each year. The federal government has power under the [...] Continue reading

Peninsula Roads in Need of Urgent Fix

The need for urgent repair of Peninsula roads is again in the spotlight after a Woy Woy pensioner suffered concussion and other serious injuries following a fall on uneven road surfaces late last year. Ms Shirley Harrison suffered her injuries after a fall late in 2017 outside the Woy Woy South Public School. She was assisted by passers-by who regarded …

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